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River Crest Vision Statement

River Crest Academy wants to serve families through the educational journey of homeschooling; empowering them by providing the resources needed to educate and build a family unit based in Christ.



River Crest Academy exists in order to enable parents to take responsibility for their children's academic, emotional and moral growth through teaching at home. We believe in family and in its ability as an institution to instruct children in the most positive and loving environment possible. We seek to walk with our families throughout the process of homeschooling providing the spiritual support, guidance and mentoring to enable them to follow God’s direction for their family. We seek to partner with our families and encourage them along the way. Rivers Gate Academy is a legal church cover meeting the requirements as defined in Alabama legal code 16-28-1. It is required to be registered with your county if your child is compulsory age (6-17). Our commitment is to the parents and children in the home school community.  We strive to provide up to date and accurate information on home school activities, field trips, curriculum, educational activities, sports, social activities, and graduation for families with children of all ages.


Our purpose is to support parents, by providing them with resources and guidance through this journey. We believe that a parent is the best teacher for your child. We will strive to provide resources to parents by offering informative meetings, curriculum guidance, as well as social fellowship and educational events for the children. As we serve families in all areas of our state we will provide educational experiences in multiple locations so that all members of River Crest Academy will be able to participate.  We will maintain attendance records, and report them yearly to the Board of Education. We will keep grade records for students, 9th – 12th grade.  We will provide parents with transcripts, and host graduation ceremonies, with a diploma.


Rivers Crest Academy would like to afford all persons the opportunity to instruct their children in a religious manner that is personal to his own family. Therefore we require no statement of faith, but rather trust that those families who take the responsibility of educating their own children will seek to educate those children in a religious manner that honors God.

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