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Work Permits

Child labor laws have recently changed for the state of Alabama. On May 18, 2009 Governor Riley signed into law the Child Labor Reform Act of 2009. The new act reforms Alabama child labor enforcement standards, transferring the permitting process from the public school system to the Alabama Department of Labor. Under the new system, permits will no longer be required for each minor employed. In its place, employers will be required to purchase a Certificate: Class I, to employ minors age 14 or 15 and/or Class II, to employ minors age 16 or 17. The certificates must be renewed annually.

Additionally, an Eligibility for Work Form is required for each 14 or 15 year old minor employed, but not 16 year olds. Typically, these forms are provided by the school. However, since a teacher's signature is required to verify grades, the homeschool parent, as the child's teacher, provides this form to the employer. Download Eligibility for Work Form, fill out and sign as the school official.

No child under age 14 may legally work in Alabama, except 12 and 13 year olds in newspaper delivery, even if their parents own a business and the child works for the parents.

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