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Welcome to our resource page, we have several resources listed below collected from online sources and from our members who offer suggested materials which have worked well for their families. We do not recommend any particular resource over the other, we have simply gathered information to help you with your homeschooling needs. If you'd like to share a resource, please email us at

Alabama DMV Handbook

Resources for Homeschooling -Curriculum



Christian-based Boxed Curriculum:

Christian-Based Science Curriculum

Christian-Based History/Geography Curriculum

Christian-Based Math Curriculum

Christian-Based English/Spelling Curriculum

Christian-Based Art/Music Curriculum

Secular Curriculum 

 Complete list of secular

Secular Science Curriculum

Steve Spangler Science (K-8)

Classic Science (2-6)

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (K-8)

Lower Secondary Science (7-8)

Science Matters (9-10)

MPH Science (1-6)

CPO Science (6-12)

Elemental Science (PreK-12)

Supercharged Science (1-12)

EdTechLens (K-5)

REAL Science Odyssey (1-9)

STEM Activities (K-8)

BookShark (PreK-8) (9-12)


Secular History Curriculum

Usborne History Books (K-8)

The Human Odyssey (K-12)

A People’s History of the United States (9-12)

BookShark (PreK-8)

Secular Language Arts Curriculum

Brave Writer (K-12)

Easy Grammar (3-6)

Shurley Homeschool

Write Shop (K-12)

Don’t Forget to Write (K-12)

Growing with Grammar (K-12)

Sing, Spell, Read, and Write (PreK-2)

Word Power Made Easy (6-12)

All About Learning (K-5)

Killgallon Grammar (1-12, also has books for college)

Lighting Literature (1-12)

McRuffy (PreK-5)

Secular Handwriting Curriculum

Draw Write Now (K-3)

Spencerian Handwriting (All ages, we’re using it as remedial work)

Handwriting Without Tears (K-3)

Zaner Bloser Handwriting (K-4)


Secular Math Curriculum

Math U See (K-12)

Teaching Textbooks (K-12)

Singapore Math (K-8)

RightStart Mathematics (K-6)

Learn Bop (3-12)

Math on the Level (K-8)

Moving with Math (K-8)

Mr. D Math (6-12)

Shiller Math (K-8)

Thinkwell (6-12)

Verbal Math (K-6)

Miquon Math (K-3)

Learn Math Fast (K-10)

Secular Geography Curriculum

Discovering the World of Geography (4-8)

Geography through Art (3-8)

Little Passports (PreK-3)

Top Secret Adventures (1-8)


Secular Unit Studies

Schooling a Monkey’s Homeschool Unit Studies (PreK-6)

Educents Unit Studies (PreK-8)

Teachers Pay Teachers (PreK-12)

Next Level Homeschool Secular Online Classes (6-12)

The Homeschool Mom Unit Studies (Note: Not all studies linked are secular) (All ages)

Intellego Unit Studies (K-12)

Secular Fine Arts Curriculum

Artistic Pursuits (K-8)

Drawing with Children (All ages)

Music Mastery (All ages)



Secular Social Studies Curriculum

Harcourt Social Studies (K-6)

Super Social Studies (4-8)

Totally Terrific  Social Studies Activities (3-8)



Secular Foreign Language Curriculum

Language Treks Spanish (6-12)

Homeschool Spanish Academy (9-12)

Active Chinese (K-College)

Jenney’s Latin (6-12)

Rosetta Stone (8-12)

Duolingo (All ages)

Secular Boxed Curriculum

BookShark (PreK-8)

Moving Beyond the Page (PreK-8)

Calvert School (PreK-12)

Discovery K12 (K-12)

Evolution Homeschool (K-6)

Global Village School (K-12)

Build Your Library (K-9)

Khan Academy (K-12)

Ck12/org (9-12)


Secular Logic/Rhetoric Curriculum

Lollipop Logic (K-2)

Critical Thinking Co. (Toddler-12)


Unit Studies

Quinlivans Magical Minds Eclectic Studies

Blast Off with Logic (3-8)

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