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Welcome to the 2nd annual student led arts and craft expo. We would love to have your children join us. Please feel free to share with friends and family. We want to encourage and support our kids. Check this page frequently for new updates. 

Sign your student up today:

We want the student to do as much of the prep work as possible. It might be fun to add to your product display board pictures of your child in the process of making the items.   Here are a few things to get you started.


  1. Choose an item that your child enjoys making, or an existing hobby to expand on.

  2. Create inventory, I'd expect for small items (barrettes, jewelry,  small knitted items, maybe 25-50 items. For larger more specialty items 15-20. Do not overwhelm your child and create healthy expectations for selling their products. We will not have a child millionaire this year from our craft show. :) Help them understand this is more of a learning experience than a huge money maker.

  3. Be thinking of how you can create a product pricing board (poster board that you can tape to your table) this is what you might like to jazz up a little with pictures of the making process. Help your child be able to articulate the making process for interested customers who might have questions for your student.

  4. Please make sure to package your products individually, and price label each item. You can use this to gauge potential profit/ loss margins. Packaging bags can be found at any local craft store.

  5. Create labels for your items.  If your items contain, essential oils, nuts, dairy or any other common allergen please make sure to label that in your product label.

  6. Have fun, teach your children  how to make labels on the computer, talk with them about entrepreneurial opportunities and business management. You may also like to teach on profit and loss margins and supply and demand. Help them learn and identify their audience. All of these ideas are a great way to incorporate schooling into a fun project. 

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