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Building community through cooperative education

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Our Weekly Class Schedule (COVID adjustments may vary)

1st Period  9:00am – 9:55am

2nd Period 10:00AM - 10;55AM

Lunch Break 11:00AM - 11:40AM

3rd period 11:45am – 12:40pm

4th Period  12:45pm – 1:45pm


Class details for our first semester, the class sign up priority will be ranked by order of commitment by you, the parent, to teach two or more classes. We will give sign up priority for high school teachers this semester and as we grow we will develop a fair priority system for sign-ups.  If you know that you are committed to this co-op and know what you would like to teach we will have an opportunity for you to sign up to teach those classes.  We also have a list of suggestions for electives.

0-3 - Nursery  

At CAHC we love our families with babies. The nursery is for children from newborn to potty trained 3 year olds. Your child must be potty trained by his/her 4th birthday to join the preschool classes.


for ages potty trained 3 year olds to children entering kindergarten, our preschool/ k5 program is engaging and fun!

k– 5th History Rotation

*World History


US History

Alabama History


k – 5th Science Rotation


Zoology/Marine Biology w/Oceanography

Earth/ Space Science



If you have a child in the nursery you MUST serve in the nursery for a minimum of one period. So if you want a specific period in Nursery please make sure to sign up for it. The number of workers we need in the nursery each period will depend on the number of babies we have. At the minimum, we must have two workers in the nursery each period.


Suggested Electives for 7th – 12th Grade by Period


1st Period – Math-Trigonometry, Business Math, Probability & Statistics, Financial Planning,

Computer Math, Logic, Advanced Math Brain Games, Quantitative Literacy, Calculus, etc.


Language Arts - Drama, Shakespearean Works, Minority Lit, Sci-Fi Lit,

Publication, Journalism, ACT Prep, British Lit, Speech & Debate, Film Studies, American Lit,

Short Stories, Poetry, Gothic Lit, Vocabulary Building, Fiction Writing, Non-Fiction Writing,

Classic Lit, Third World Lit, African Lit, Minority Writers Study, Literary Theory, American

Romanticism, Medieval Lit, Etc.


2nd Period – Electives – Foreign Language - Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Sign Language,

Russian, Etc. Any Core Elective, Acrylic/Oil Painting, Self Defense, Botany, Music History, Photography,

Guitar, Choir, Culinary Arts, First Aid/CPR, Dance, Bible, Nutrition, Drafting, Etiquette,

Etymology, Mock Trial, Physical Anthropology, Astronomy, Speech/Debate, Cooking Culture,

Additional Foreign Language, Life Skills, Political Science, Entrepreneurial Skills, Sewing,

Quilting, Floral Design, Jewelry Design, Calligraphy, Vocal Training, Medieval History,

Criminology, Marketing, Cultural Anthropology, International Studies, Architecture, Graphic

Art, etc.


3rd Period – History - Alabama, British, Ancient History, Old Testament History, Church

History, Old or New World History, Psychology, Sociology, Constitutional Law, Current Events,

Christian World View, Political Science Etc.


4th Period – Science - Marine Biology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology, Environmental

Science, Oceanography, Anthropology, Integrated Science, Consumer Science, Zoology,

Atmospheric Science, Etc.


Suggested Electives for 1st – 6th Grade


2nd Period – Electives - Foreign Language - Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Sign Language,

Russian, Etc.


Drawing, Painting, Music, Nifty Fifty, Brain Games, Aesop’s Fables, American Heroes, Choir,

Cake Decorating, Chess, Myth Busters, Duct Tape Studio, Crocheting, Solve the Mystery,

Authors & Illustration, Rhyme Time, Cabins to Castles, Treasure Island, Drama, Dance,

A character on Trial, Urban Giants, The Wild West, Recorder, Bible, Health, Aero Design, Etc.


Central Alabama Homeschool Cooperative

Phone: 334.398.2008


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