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Building community through cooperative education


Cost and Fees


It is our goal to keep co-op fees as low as possible as many homeschool families operate on a single income, but in order to function, we have to charge a membership fee. The membership fee will cover the building, insurance, licensing, printing, website, and supplies such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, lab supplies, etc. We estimate our co-op will run on no more than $2000.00 per semester. Our membership fee per semester is $50.00 per family. We will offer three different discounts. The first is a $10.00 discount for all families that use River Crest Academy as their cover school. You can find out more information about RCA at We will also offer (3) $5.00 discounts for our set-up crew and (3) $5.00 discounts for our clean-up crew. These rates broken down weekly are:


$50.00 per family or $3.34 per week for a 15 week semester.

$40.00 per family or $2.67 per week for a 15 week semester.

$35.00 per family or $2.34 per week for a 15 week semester.

In addition to the membership fee, each class will have a small fee ranging from $1 - $8 per class in elementary with Jr. High and High School ranging from $5 to $30. In Jr. High and High School there are also sometimes required text and additional supplies. Example - paint, brushes, canvas, etc. in a painting class.


Parents will be required to supply all needs for their child that is in the nursery, including snacks.

Central Alabama Homeschool Cooperative

Phone: 334.398.2008


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